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Our Team

Founder & President


Kristine Meldrum is the Founder and President of Parkinson’s Place Iowa. She is the author of PARKINSON’S: How to Reduce Symptoms THROUGH EXERCISE. Kristine has worked with countless people with Parkinson’s and has seen firsthand their life-changing results from exercise. She writes and speaks nationally at Parkinson’s Conferences about “How to Exercise to Improve Parkinson’s Symptoms.” Dr. Jay Alberts, Ph.D., Vice-Chair of Innovation in the Neurological Institute at The Cleveland Clinic, and contributor to PARKINSON’S: How to Reduce Symptoms THROUGH EXERCISE, reviews her published works. 


As an exercise professional, Kristine has worked with PwPD and other neurological diseases. She has spent 15 years in the fitness industry and over a decade in the Medical Fitness Industry before starting a Neuro Wellness Program in 2020. Kristine was named the state of Iowa’s first Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s Ambassador in May of 2022. 

Kristine’s National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and Parkinson’s Certifications and education are as follows:

  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Parkinson’s Foundation Accredited-Certified Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson’s Head Coach 

  • ACE Approved Parkinson’s Cycling Coach

  • Certified Mad Dogg SPINNING® Advanced Cycle Instructor

  • Certified Mad Dogg SPINPower® Instructor

  • SCW Certified Aquatic Instructor

  • Total Health Work’ Total Parkinson’s Instructor

  • APDA Parkinson’s Training for Fitness Professionals

Kristine’s career before working as an Exercise Professional was a twenty-year career in Marketing and Corporate Communications. Kristine was the Co-Founder of Infrastructure Defense Inc. (iDEFENSE)—the nation’s first private security intelligence firm. She was the Executive Vice President for Marketing and Corporate Communications and a member of the iDEFENSE Board of Directors. In addition, $15 million in venture capital was raised through her development of the company business plan, creation and implementation of the iDEFENSE brand, and all investor and client marketing materials.

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Kristine Meldrum


Our Treasurer


Andy Meldrum joined Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM), the Nation’s largest producer and service provider of home mortgages providing service to over 12 million customers, in 2001. He recently retired as Wells Fargo’s Head of Business Architecture. He designed, developed, and implemented WFHM and Wells Fargo’s Transformation efforts. The transformation effort included Business Architecture, Project Investment alignment, Governance, Infrastructure Management, Contact Technologies, Communities of Practices, and Workforce Excellence for all Home Lending. 


Before joining Wells Fargo, Meldrum was the President/Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Infrastructure Defense Inc. (iDEFENSE)—the Nation’s first private information security intelligence firm developing proprietary web-based knowledge production applications and methodologies to detect and mitigate security threats. Andy was a member of the iDEFENSE Board of Directors. iDefense was acquired by Verisign and is now a part of Accenture.


Prior to iDEFENSE, Andy was the Chief Information Officer for United Press International (UPI). He led the company’s strategic repositioning, redesigned the business model, and designed the platform. In addition, he transformed the company into an Internet-based news content service years before Google News. 

Meldrum held many strategic positions with the Department of the Navy over the years, including Special Advisor for the Department of the Navy’s Chief Information Officer; Deputy Program Manager for the Department of the Navy’s Architecture and Standards, Department of the Navy’s Information Network Program Office; Deputy Director, Information Management Department, Naval Air Systems Command; and Lead Test Pilot responsible for all U.S. Navy Helicopter flight testing. 

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AndREW Meldrum

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