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Workout Girls
Workout Girls

Join us for a Total Health Work's Total Parkinson's/
Brain & Body class at Grand Living in WDM

Tues & Thru 1:00 - 1:45 p.m.

For more information email

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Come Exercise with Parkinson's
Place Iowa's Kristine Meldrum

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Kristine Meldrum

Exercise Professional who works with Parkinson's, Aging Brain, & other Neuro Disease

Photo by Bob Ocken

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  1. ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  2. ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

  3. PF Certified Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson's Head Coach 

  4. Certified Mad Dogg SPINNING® Advanced Cycle Instructor

  5. Certified Mad Dogg SPINPower® Instructor

  6. SCW Certified Aquatic Instructor

  7. ACE Approved Parkinson's Cycling Coach

  8. Total Health Work's Total Parkinson's Instructor

  9. APDA Parkinson's Training for Fitness Professionals

Total Health Works Total Parkinson's/Brain & Body (THW) class is a PD-specific exercise program that helps students work on their symptoms. THW Total PD Brain & Body class creates an environment that promotes support, community, and comradery. Each class includes short episodes of high-intensity aerobic work followed by PD-specific task training–core stability, strength training, dual-task training, integrated cognitive challenges, fine motor drills, and balance training etc. These tasks are incorporated at a challenging level of difficulty for all functional abilities. As mentioned before, TWH Total PD Brain & Body class uses brief bursts of cardio to get the brain activated to work on Parkinson’s specific activities. This makes it a great compliment to other more cardio based classes like neuro cycle and Rock Steady Boxing RSB where the cardio portion is much longer.

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